I love to create things.

Anything from drawing to building snowboard ramps, I've always been in the middle of multiple projects ever since I was a kid. As I honed my skills, graphic design became my passion. Though I have developed excellent proficiency with the Adobe suite, I like to venture outside the Graphic Designer toolbox. I have always found excitement in trying a medium I've never used, or attempting a new method to achieve materializing the vision in my head. For instance, one of these experimentations using spray paint on canvas with the use of stencils, hand cut as well as laser cut, has led me down an unexpected path. Collaborating with other artists in a highly experimental environment has given us very appealing results. Calling ourselves Tronos Paint, we've shared, presented, and sold our work online and in local coffee shops. This endeavor has taught me to get over the frustrating slumps when you inevitably run into technical, material, or creative problems when trying new things.

As I've grown through my work with graphic design, I can define myself as someone fueled by creativity, and constantly in search for inspiration in every book I read, street I look down, and person I meet. This drive has pushed me to leaving my home of Minnesota to study in Florence, Italy. Being the cradle of the Renaissance, I found myself in the best place to find inspiration, and refine my design philosophy. When I lived in the neighborhood of some of the most highly regarded artistic geniuses like Michelangelo and Da Vinci, I felt their impact on our modern world. Learning about such a long and deeply creative history was empowering. Having the opportunity to travel Italy and around Europe, getting a taste of so many different cultures, broadened my perception of not only the world, but the way I think about how people are influenced. Ideas need context; a problem needing to be solved. An innovation is born out of culture and can drive it in new directions. That brilliant new concept, invention, genius craft, or alternative method can be picked up by someone else down the stream of culture influencing their ideas, potentially resulting in the next major innovation of that generation. This insight has given meaning to my own roll in my home culture.

It's been nearly a year since I left for Italy, and in that time I have completed my last semester of the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities Graphic Design Program. Through executing my Senior Thesis Exhibition my ideas about culture and the flow of ideas have evolved greatly. It's amazing to trace through time and see where the innovators of the world got their inspiration. To identify the source of the most ground-breaking ideas and watch them ripple through a culture in a way that leaves everyone's life forever changed.

At this pivotal moment, I can't help but think about how the people in my life have influenced me and how my home of Minneapolis, Minnesota has molded me into who I am. I am grateful for all the wonderful mentors that I have learned so much from. My hope is that I can make them proud with what they've taught me and that I can do something with those lessons that could be considered influential.