Sketching Florence

Sketching Florence was my favorite class of my semester abroad. With such great subject matter in this historically creative city, I was drawing daily. Beyond doing studies of the Renaissance's great masters in the Uffizi Gallery and San Marco museum, our teacher Erin Murphy, took us to more obscure parts of Florence to find inspiration. Our class was structured in a way that we would have class in a new location somewhere in the city, and would focus on a new medium or drawing technique each week. Without this class I would never have appreciated the rural sides of Florence, drawing the Cyprus tree line and trying to achieve atmospheric perspective with ink wash. I very much enjoyed drawing from real life. Going out looking for anything interesting to draw, setting up my water colors or ink wherever there's a flat surface, and getting to work while Florentines and tourists walk by curiously. I felt like I was tapping into the spirit of the Renaissance and it stimulated my imagination.